Why Saying “It’s a Disney Movie” Never Meant Anything

Disney is known for its family-friendly entertainment, from movies to TV and on-demand shows, and online videos. In fact, throughout the 20th century, it produced mostly movies that were rated G. However, just because most of Disney’s entertainment was geared toward all ages, that didn’t make “Disney” equate to meaning “clean,” or “child-friendly.” Even whenContinue reading “Why Saying “It’s a Disney Movie” Never Meant Anything”

Lights…Camera…Action…and Ratings

In the film industry, there are 5 ratings: G – all ages admitted, PG – parental guidance suggested, PG-13 – Parents strongly cautioned for children under 13, R – Restricted and anyone under 17 needs to be accompanied by an adult, and lastly, NC-17, where no one under 18 is admitted, whatsoever. Back in theContinue reading “Lights…Camera…Action…and Ratings”