I Can Rank the Voices of Different Disney Characters

Disney (and other cartoon) characters come with different voices, or occasionally, no voices, like Tinkerbell and Ariel for a chunk of “The Little Mermaid” after she gives hers up. Anyway, some voices sound beautiful, and some could sound better. Here are the characters whose voices could be better: 1: Snow White – Her voice isContinue reading “I Can Rank the Voices of Different Disney Characters”

“Pocahontas” Mystery (1995) – All About the Flying Leaves

Warning: Contains Spoilers*** Many of us have seen Disney’s “Pocahontas”, whether we grew up with it, watched it in our early childhoods, or first saw it in recent years. I was 21 when I first saw it. Despite the mixed success and criticism on the movie’s portrayal of Native Americans, I really enjoyed the film.Continue reading ““Pocahontas” Mystery (1995) – All About the Flying Leaves”