Review of “The Witches of Willow Cove” by Josh Roberts

On Halloween night, nearly 13-year-old Abby Shepherd goes trick-or-treating with a few friends, Robby and Zeus. While out, the children spot a mysterious house on a hill, which is claimed to be filled with sorcery. Despite the potential dangers, the kids go to that house. However, they meet a witch and have to flee fromContinue reading “Review of “The Witches of Willow Cove” by Josh Roberts”

Tick Tock on “The House with a Clock in its Walls” Review (2018)

I saw this film with some friends, not knowing what it was going to be about. In some ways, it made the movie more exciting as everything was a surprise. The film begins with 10-year-old Lewis, who was recently orphaned and is being sent to live with his uncle, Jonathan. Uncle Jonathan seems nice andContinue reading “Tick Tock on “The House with a Clock in its Walls” Review (2018)”

I’m Spelling Out This Evaluation of “Hocus Pocus” (1993)

There are so many aspects of this film that stand out to me. It begins where a boy named Thackary is looking for his younger sister, Emily. He finds her being cursed by three witches, Winifred, Mary, and Sarah. They turn Thackary into an immortal black cat, but are then executed by the community shortly after. Three hundred years have passed (which surprised me) and the focus is now on a teenage boy, named Max, in his history class at school. The Halloween adventure begins.

“ParaNorman” (2012): Must be the Time of the Critique

“ParaNorman” portrays a young boy, named Norman Babcock, who can talk to the dead. He is the only one who can see ghosts. However, others don’t understand him and they think he is crazy… except for a heavy kid named Neil, who gets excited by Norman’s special powers. But Norman is given a task toContinue reading ““ParaNorman” (2012): Must be the Time of the Critique”

I’m Gonna Evaluate, Cause it’s “Danny Phantom”

Ah, “Danny Phantom”—one of those amazing cartoons for people who grew up in the 00’s, like me. Created by Butch Hartman after “The Fairly Odd Parents”, the premise focuses on a 14-year-old boy named Danny. He has two ghost-hunting parents who have a special machine with a portal. Danny has done something that altered hisContinue reading “I’m Gonna Evaluate, Cause it’s “Danny Phantom””

It’s Really Not That Ooky, “The Addams Family” Review (2019)

Morticia and Gomez are getting married, but the civilians are crashing their wedding as an angry mob. They move to a house on the top of a hill and have a Frankenstein-like servant. Thirteen years later and the Addams couple has two children. Pugsley is being forced to train for a sword-fighting event he doesn’tContinue reading “It’s Really Not That Ooky, “The Addams Family” Review (2019)”