Review of “Turning Red” (2022)

Thirteen-year-old Mei Lee talks about her amazing life while on her way to school. She is practically perfect in academics, acing every assignment and exam. She also has a great relationship with her family, including her overbearing, but caring, mother. Everything goes well… until her friends, Miriam, Priya, and Abby, have a crush on theContinue reading “Review of “Turning Red” (2022)”

Remember This Review of “Coco” (2017)

A young Mexican boy, named Miguel, narrates the history of his family, who absolutely hates music to the point where it’s banned. They even yell at people who play music near them. Miguel, however, loves music, defying his family’s rules against it. They practice shoe-polishing. One time, Miguel pretends to follow along, but really wantsContinue reading “Remember This Review of “Coco” (2017)”

Review of Disney Pixar’s “Soul” (2020)

Joe Gardner is conducting his middle school band class, when he is offered a full-time position with lots of benefits. However, Joe isn’t interested in that. Shortly after, he is given the opportunity to perform in a jazz show with celebrity Dorthea Williams. He gets super-excited as he walks down the streets of New YorkContinue reading “Review of Disney Pixar’s “Soul” (2020)”

Review of “Monsters Inc.” (2001)

The film begins with the sounds of a child and parents saying, “Good night” to each other – only for it to be a stimulator. The monster performing the scare fails due to leaving the door open. Henry Waternoose, a high authority staff member, considers James Sullivan (or Sully) to find a solution for theContinue reading “Review of “Monsters Inc.” (2001)”