Harry Potter Mystery: Why Don’t We Hear About Wizards with Disabilities?

Disabilities are never mentioned in “Harry Potter”, except for a blind wizard that didn’t make it to the books and the possibility of Professor McGonagall being in a wheelchair temporarily. But we never hear about wizards and witches who are deaf, mute, or have other physical or neurological disabilities. There have been no clues to special ed at Hogwarts or handicapped pathways or restrooms in the wizarding world.

“Alice in Wonderland” Theory: Does Alice Have Autism? – Debunked!

Warning: contains spoilers*** I have watched Alice in Wonderland (the 1951 cartoon) a while ago. While I have enjoyed it, I noticed that Alice had traits that were similar to certain people who have Autism (not everyone). Yes, the whole Wonderland trip turned out to be a dream the whole time, and having a disabledContinue reading ““Alice in Wonderland” Theory: Does Alice Have Autism? – Debunked!”