Review of “Pooh’s Heffalump Movie” (2005)

A strange, trumpeting sound awakens the creatures of Hundred Acre Wood… and scares them. They all run to Rabbit’s home and scream about what they’d heard. Roo, however, is excited to know about the trumpeting noise, and wants to participate in the quest to stop the source of the trumpeting – which is believed to be a heffalump.

My Top Unanswered Questions About “The Wild Thornberrys”

As a child, I would watch this on TV. For those who didn’t grow up with this show, it focuses on a girl, named Eliza Thornberry, who travels around with her family via RV. Her special gift is that she can talk to animals. However, she must keep that a secret. Otherwise, she will loseContinue reading “My Top Unanswered Questions About “The Wild Thornberrys””

Critique of “101 Dalmatians” (1961)

A dalmatian named Pongo notices a female dalmatian walking with her owner. Pongo leads his owner, Roger, to the other dalmatian, named Perida, and her person, Anita.  Roger and Anita marry each other shortly after. A little while later, Pongo and Perida are expecting puppies – only for a woman named Cruella de Vil toContinue reading “Critique of “101 Dalmatians” (1961)”

My Favorite Cat Videos on YouTube

Millions of people enjoy cat videos – including myself. While I don’t discuss animals on this blog since it focuses on entertainment, I will state that cats do entertain people. This brings me to the first video description on the list. The one that pops bubbles, which amuses a baby Lots of folks love videosContinue reading “My Favorite Cat Videos on YouTube”

Put Your Thoughts in What You Most Believe in… Review of “Tarzan” (1999)

Warning: Contains spoilers*** This is one of the few 2nd Disney Renaissance films I have watched in the movie theater due to my birth year (early to mid-90’s). I was five at the time I saw “Tarzan”. I don’t remember my opinion then. However, I will tell you what I thought when I saw “Tarzan” twiceContinue reading “Put Your Thoughts in What You Most Believe in… Review of “Tarzan” (1999)”

Feel “The Jungle Book” Rhythm: The 1967 and 2003 Cartoon Comparisons

Warning: Contains spoilers*** “The Jungle Book” was the first animated Disney feature since Walt Disney had died a year before in 1966. I did not watch the recent live-action remake, so it will not be part of this comparison. I actually saw the sequel from 2003 first. I didn’t see it in the movie theater,Continue reading “Feel “The Jungle Book” Rhythm: The 1967 and 2003 Cartoon Comparisons”

The Best Animal Videos on YouTube in My Opinion

This is my first first post on videos exclusively online. It also only focuses on animal clips. Although YouTube and other online videos come and go, I won’t include links for copyright reasons. However, you can search for the videos in your own time. In addition, these clips don’t have plots or a story toContinue reading “The Best Animal Videos on YouTube in My Opinion”

The Top Unanswered Questions About “The Lion King” I Wish Would be Answered

Disney’s “The Lion King” succeeded so much in the history of films. It remains as many people’s favorite movie.  It had sequels, a TV show known as “The Timon & Pumbaa Show,” and another one called “The Lion Guard.” Then the live-action remake came along, but didn’t do nearly as well as the animated film. Continue reading “The Top Unanswered Questions About “The Lion King” I Wish Would be Answered”

Welcome to My Critique of “Bambi” (1942)

I saw this movie at a friend’s house. A fawn grows, makes friends, and even goes through challenges along the way. Here are the parts of “Bambi” that I admired and those that I felt could’ve been better. First the strengths: 1: The animation and artistic layout I find it very unfortunate that Disney stoppedContinue reading “Welcome to My Critique of “Bambi” (1942)”

Review of “Robin Hood” (1973)

There are many adaptations of the “Robin Hood” legend. This one, however, is done with animal characters and even a rooster as the narrator. Although he is telling the story, he sometimes makes appearances in it.