Review of “Freaky Friday” (2003 film)

A black and white image of a shorthaired woman holding her hands to her cheeks – NOT from the movie

Tess Coleman wakes up her daughter, Anna. After Anna is dropped off at school, trouble begins. From criticizing her English teacher’s baldness to purposely hitting another girl with a volleyball in gym class, Anna lands in detention. 

That puts her in hot water when she gets home. Her bedroom door is removed as her punishment, and Tess warns her about the possibility of her getting suspended. 

While out at a Chinese restaurant, Anna and Tess argue about her band going to an audition at the same time as Tess’s rehearsal dinner for her and her fiance. A waitress offers them fortune cookies… which causes something shocking: Anna and Tess switch bodies. This results in negative experiences at both Tess’s job while Anna is inside her body, and vice versa with Tess inside Anna’s body. They only have until midnight to return to their actual bodies. 

Despite not seeing this movie in a while, I still remember a good number of the strengths. One is the characterization and how the characters interact with each other. The depiction of a mother and daughter constantly fighting, especially if the mom won’t let her child have she wants. 

I also like the line from one of Tess’s coworkers, “You lied to me, you liar.” That line remains funny. 

There are some pitfalls as well. One is how I found it strange that when Anna and Tess switched bodies, their voices didn’t change. Only the ways they talked showed that they’d switched bodies. In past visual media, the characters’ voices changed after they traded bodies. An example is “Scooby Doo,” the live-action adaptation, where Fred and Daphne’s voices change after they have switched bodies. 

I also found it disappointing that we never see Anna get her door back. Hopefully, she did after the story ended. 

I would rate “Freaky Friday” 4 out of 5 stars.

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