Review of “Encanto” (2021)

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The film begins when Mirabel was a little kid. Her grandmother tells her about her tragic past of losing her husband and finding an enchanted candle, which created the magical house their family resides in. The door that provides special gifts for each family member appears and Mirabel approaches it.

The title sequence appears and cuts to the next scene, where years have passed, and Mirabel is now older. When a few small children ask what her gift is, she just sings about her family and their gifts… until her cousin, Dolores, of them reveals that she has no gift.

That night, Mirabel’s little cousin, Antonio, discovers his gift, which is a jungle filled with various animals. Mirabel experiences envy and is frustrated as to why she has no gift. She visits the forbidden tower, which belonged to an unwanted man named Bruno. She discovers what is ruining the house and her family’s happiness. Could it be her? Bruno? Somebody else?

I must admit how much I enjoyed this movie. It consisted of many amazing elements, such as the special gifts and powers the family members received. Examples include Luisa, Mirabel’s sister who possessed powerful strength and can lift things, like mountains, churches, and donkeys. Another includes Mirabel’s other sister, Isabela, who can create flowers. I found that stereotypical at first, but Isabela can be fierce and proud. And she can conjure more surprises. You will have to see the film to find out what.

More twists and turns occur throughout the story, both happy and sad. And the musical numbers were fantastic. Lin Manuel Miranda was involved with producing the songs. They engaged me a lot with their Latino tunes.

Of course, the song, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is my favorite one from that film, along with “Surface Pressure,” and even “Waiting on a Miracle.” Speaking of which… did you know that Stephanie Beatriz, the actress who voiced Mirabel, recorded that number while she was in labor with her first child?

Not only did that surprise me since women often experience lots of discomfort when they are about to give birth to their babies, but also that singing for a movie could disrupt the others in the hospital. Someone would have told Stephanie Beatriz to stop – unless she had her baby delivered at home… which is very rare these days.

Anyway, I also felt sorry for Mirabel that she was unable to get a gift, unlike the rest of her family. This led to disappointing them and not understanding her numerous times. Yet, she remains strong and determined. 

The entire movie kept my interest the whole way. I would rate “Encanto” 5 out of 5 stars and would gladly recommend it.

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