Review of “Jimmy’s Neutron’s ‘Attack of the Twonkies’” TV Special (2005)

Digital painting I did of a clawed, hairy, yellow ball alien in a red background

Jimmy is presenting a holographic model of the planet, Twonkus-3’s orbit around the sun, yet fails to please his classmates. Shortly after, Principal Willoughby announces the grand opening of a library. He even wrote a song for the Lindbergh Elementary School chorus to sing when that time comes.

Later, Jimmy visits Twonkus-3 and gathers some crystals, but worries about something happening to his rocket. So, he plays music from it. However, an invincible monster tries to attack the vehicle, causing Jimmy and his robot dog, Goddard, to escape the planet carefully.

When the two come back to Earth and into the lab, Jimmy finds Carl and Sheen there, upset over two different things. Carl couldn’t get a pet due to his allergies, and Sheen got rejected from the school choir. But something comes out of the crystals that Jimmy and Goddard had collected – a cute little creature called a twonkie. Carl takes it with him, although Jimmy warns him against doing so.

The next day, Carl brings his twonkie to school and shows everyone some tricks it can do. Then it gives birth to various babies, leaving enough for the entire class to have. Jimmy still disapproves of everybody taking one as he worries that something could go wrong.

And so it does, once the twonkies hear music of any kind, including singing. They morph into monstrous and aggressive beasts, and attack the source of the music.

Jimmy announces to all of Retroville not to perform any type of music, including, but not limited to, singing, humming, whistling, or instrument-playing. It’s only a matter of time for Jimmy to get the twonkie monsters back to their home planet – or else they’ll be stuck on Earth for another year.

This TV special offered lots of memorable moments, both good and poor. For example, the clerk at the pet store would get angry when Carl and his father had bad physical reactions to each pet. That is what I call terrible customer service.

Speaking of which, when Sheen auditioned for the chorus, but was rejected, Ms. Fowl, the teacher, would make rude remarks about his unbearable singing voice. Principal Willoughby had to remind her to stop. After all, that type of behavior is unprofessional for a teacher.

Another time where poor etiquette was displayed was when Jimmy returned from Twonkus-3, and wouldn’t really care about Carl and Sheen’s upsetness. He cared more about his experience, which is such a weak way to not only be a good friend, but also read social cues.

Of course, characters can’t be perfect or well-behaved all the time. So, I don’t fret over these issues.

What I do find very unbelievable is when a space monster is in Retroville and everyone is still allowed outside. In real life, the town, and other surrounding areas, would have been forced into a strict lockdown, where no one could go near doors, windows, or make sounds. This has happened when dangerous people or animals wandered around areas – shelter-in-place orders had gone into effect.

There are other times Retroville would have gone on lockdown or required evacuations in different episodes. But whatever – cartoon logic is all I can say.

Regardless of the flaws, the special had a bunch of strengths, such as when Jimmy’s dad bought a dummy that would “talk” and formed a bond with it. Others include the library song (except for the part where if one chewed gum or shouted, he or she would be thrown out, which is not a good way to advertise), the humor, and the various twists and turns.

I would rate this TV special 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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