How My Views On Each “Shrek” Movie Stand Out From the Crowd

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The “Shrek” films have played a huge part in my childhood. I remember seeing the first (then the only one) movie in the front row at a cinema near me when I was 7.

When the sequel came out, it didn’t please me at first. However, over time, I gained interest in it. Then came the third installment, which I loved due to the slapstick humor that made me laugh hard several times. 

About the 4th “Shrek” movie

Once the fourth film hit theaters, I didn’t see it, because I felt “too old” thanks to what my mom had taught me a few years back. She’d pressured me to believe clean entertainment was only for younger kids, which I disagree with. So, I’ve pushed myself to rebel against that ridiculous “fact” and now will watch pretty much anything for any age (except those like, “Barney” or “Teletubbies”).

Anyway, I did view a little bit of “Shrek Forever After” and couldn’t decide on whether or not to watch the whole thing. But after reading the synopsis on Wikipedia, I decided not to consider it. The events that occurred hinted that they were erasing the plot and character development progress made throughout the previous installments.

I won’t spoil anything, but I’ve read that Shrek wanted to return to his old, bad self. I think the third film wrapped up nicely with a better-behaved Shrek.

No offense to those who enjoyed “Shrek Forever After,” but I think it would have been better off not green-lit. 

Now you might want to disqualify my opinion on that, since I didn’t see the whole movie. But I believe the journeys all the characters have gone through from the first to third films were strong enough. 

Okay, I spent a lot of time discussing the fourth movie. So, now I will talk about my thoughts on the previous “Shrek” installments.

Shrek (2001)

A long time has passed since I have seen the entire thing. But I have viewed nearly the first half in May 2021, around the 20th anniversary of its release. I laughed several times and enjoyed many moments, despite how Shrek mistreated others. 

Shrek 2 (2004)

Most people consider this installment the best of all the “Shrek” movies. After all, it did play in the theaters for several months. Like with the first film, I appreciated and enjoyed a decent amount of moments after it came on DVD (i.e. the part when Pinocchio says “I’m wearing ladies’ underwear”). However, it didn’t include a lot of humor that would crack me up. I still liked it, but it had a different effect on me. It drew me into the story, as if I lived in the setting, and evoked some strong emotions in me.

Regardless of the majority’s opinions, I just couldn’t get myself to enjoy it as much as the third movie, no matter how much I tried. 

Shrek the Third (2007)

Most consider this the worst of the “Shrek” movies, and many of those people hate this film. I, however, deem it the best due to the slapstick humor that made me laugh harder and multiple times. It also felt more lighthearted than the sequel as well as communicated some important morals and lessons that, unfortunately, a lot of people don’t (and probably won’t) notice.


I would rank the “Shrek” films as followed:

  • “Shrek the Third” – the best
  • “Shrek 1” – the 2nd best
  • “Shrek 2” – good enough
  • “Shrek Forever After” – unappealing

I don’t know if there is a site where you can rank your opinions on each “Shrek” movie and get a result of which percentile you fall into. But I would certainly fall in a low number percentile. Oh, well.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to have unique views on the “Shrek” franchise or any type of entertainment. I do have a friend who enjoyed “Shrek the Third” like me.

You can read more about my opinions on the “Shrek” movies at the links below:

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Do you have any unique opinions about the “Shrek” movies? What did you think about how I view each installment?

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