“Harry Potter” Mystery: What Would Happen if Students Put Other Phrases in the Goblet of Fire?

Digital painting I did of a yellow question mark in a red background

For all you Potterheads, or even casual fans, the goblet of fire is an enchanted object where students from three different European magic schools (including Hogwarts) submit their names for Tri-Wizard Tournament participation. If their names are selected, then they are to compete in the tournament, featuring 3 extremely perilous tasks. Because of that, a student must be at least 17 years old to join.

While Victor, Fleur, and Cedric, were all of age, Harry was not. His name came out of the goblet of fire, and everyone turned on him, even though he didn’t enter. Despite his age (14), he still had to compete under a binding magical contract.

Now what if a student – not necessarily Harry or another character – put a phrase in the goblet of fire that was not their name?

Why would I ask that? Because I came across a silly meme where it shows images from the champion selection and the words for each panel were, “The next champion is… “your mom”… All right, who wrote this?!” It cracked me up a lot, which is what made me wonder what would really happen if a non-name came out of the goblet.

You can search for the picture on Google images since I will avoid placing it here for copyright reasons. However, I will share what I would presume would happen if a student put a phrase that was not his or her name in the goblet of fire: he or she would likely have to participate anyway. 

Yes, he or she may get in trouble, even if the phrase wasn’t inappropriate or immature. However, the contract probably focuses on the individual wizard or witch – not his or her name.

What do you think would occur if a student put another word in the goblet of fire?

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