These are a Few of my Favorite “Bugs Bunny” Moments

Me giving a thumbs up

As a child, I cared more for “Tom and Jerry” and used to laugh my brains out at that, which I can’t do anymore while viewing it. Anyway, I’m more into “Looney Toons” than “Tom and Jerry” now. That being said, I did watch some “Looney Toons” when I was a kid.

Some of the specials I recall from my childhood include “Toonheads Trivia” (my 4th grade teacher used to give me a bit of a hard time about that since it had kept me from doing my homework), Wild-E Coyote and the roadrunner, and even Speedy Gonzalez (which I did NOT find offensive—but I was a little kid then).

Anyway, here are my top favorite “Bugs Bunny” moments:

3: When Bugs is forced into an oven, but doesn’t suffer

Yosemite Sam forces Bugs into an oven to roast him, but he comes out to gather more items such as water. Then he tries to fool Yosemite Sam into thinking there’s a party to get him into the oven. Little does Bugs know that the party was real and he joins in with it.

2: The “Southern Bugs Bunny” scene

Yosemite Sam calls Bugs a Yankee and lives like it’s still the mid-1800’s, when the civil war was happening. Bugs comes up in blackface (which I don’t like in general) and sings “Old Kentucky Home”. Shortly after, he sings “Yankee Doodle”. Despite the blackface moment, this clip was still great.

1: The “Hillbilly Hare” music video

It starts with a country singing scene on the TV in the cartoon. Bugs is even dressed in female attire while two bearded men are also dancing. Then Bugs unplugs the TV and plays his own song, where he tells the other guys to do silly, ridiculous things. And they listen, no matter how dumb or uncivil the instructions are. It was absolutely funny, but wouldn’t be humorous in real life. Nevertheless, this one is my favorite moment.

Do you have any favorite “Bugs Bunny” or “Looney Toons” moments?

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2 thoughts on “These are a Few of my Favorite “Bugs Bunny” Moments

  1. You sound a lot like me. I was, and am still, a big Tom and Jerry fan, but Looney Tunes is still a winner. I remember every one of these clips. Really love the one you have at #3. Love the kick at the end.
    On the subject of ovens, the one where Bugs gets kidnapped by the gangsters and tricks them into the oven and sets it off. When the Real cops show up, he starts the routine again and the gangsters give up to the cop. The line, “You might, Rabbit. You might.”, is still spoken between my brother and myself.

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    1. I haven’t seen that episode where Bugs gets kidnapped. But it’s awesome that the quote that stands out to you is still used between you and your brother.


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