OMG… These Conspiracy Theories Are, Like, So Insane

Me holding my hands to my cheek, my jaw dropped, and my eyes brightened

If you’ve surfed the web about your favorite movies or TV shows, you may have discovered fan theories about them. Some of them are clever. Others, however, are depressing and can ruin how you view the programs. Some of them have been confirmed by the creators. Others have been shut down.

Here are my reactions to the conspiracy theories that have stood out to me the most. These are in no particular order of the levels of my opinions.

The Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom

1: Timmy lives through a life of abuse and all the episodes of FOP are his dreams while he’s in a coma.

I found this too dark and depressing. In fact, it had temporarily ruined the way I have viewed the show right after discovering this theory. I was a huge, long-time FOP fan in my childhood. I would try and make time for FOP specials, watch episodes I hadn’t gotten chances to see, and was even sad when hearing that the Jimmy-Timmy Power-Hour 3 (FOP crossover with “Jimmy Neutron”) was the series finale. Of course, it ended up not going off the air and FOP still airs and produces new episodes now. Anyway, this theory had scarred me. I could never see a children’s cartoon that way.

2: Danny Phantom is a sequel to FOP

I like this theory more. Not just because it’s more positive and clever, but also because it’s also more original than “the shows are just dreams or imagination”. The idea is that Timmy wished to never turn 13 since according to Da Rules, a child had to give up his/her fairy godparents when he/she is deemed too old. So Cosmo and Wanda made him 14 (Danny Phantom’s age). The theory also suggests Chester becoming Dash, Tootie becoming Sam, and AJ becoming Tucker.

Although I admire this theory more than the previous one, I cannot imagine it being true. It probably isn’t. In the FOP special “Channel Chasers”, it is revealed that a kid can have fairies until the age of 18. However, I think 13 would have been more logical in terms of maturity and independence. But that is a different story. There are also hints in “Danny Phantom” of Danny’s life before he was 14.


3: Every baby is Angelica’s imagination

This is another depressing theory that claims that this is a character’s imagination and is not real. Like the first FOP theory, I disliked this one. One detail that stood out to me was that Phil and Lil were Angelica’s envision of how the twins’ mother never had them. So Angelica pictured them as boy and girl fraternal twins.

Now onto the movies.

Harry Potter (book and film) series

4: All the events are in Harry’s head

Seriously? Then what was the point of everything? Although this one is also depressing since it suggests that Harry only imagined his time at Hogwarts just to escape the horrors of the Dursleys. Even J.K. Rowling supports this. I don’t think she has officially confirmed this theory, but I sure hope it is not true.

But someone in a YouTube comment pointed out that the events of “Fantastic Beasts” would not have happened if the theory were true.

Aladdin (Disney – 1992)

5: It takes place in the future

Yes, you don’t see jets like what the Jetsons fly in or super advanced technology. But this theory has come up because when the genie comes out of the lamp, he says he was trapped there for 10,000 years. He also hints at the last time he saw life was the third century. There are also references to other movies with the genie.

I cannot decide if it is true or not. I am leaning more the unlikely side, though. The creators have given hints about historical context in “Aladdin”. I have even come up with my own theory. It is that civilization in the “Aladdin” universe began long before it did in real life. The genie got trapped in the lamp 10,000 years before, but during the third century, there was a hole in the lamp. So the genie got a glimpse of fashion during that time.

Conspiracy theories are creative, but sometimes, they go a little far. What conspiracy theories have stood out to you?

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3 thoughts on “OMG… These Conspiracy Theories Are, Like, So Insane

    1. Someone also pointed out in a YouTube comment that the events of the “Fantastic Beasts” series wouldn’t have occurred.


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