Let the Review Get Written Down… In the Most Honest Way: “Mary Poppins” (1964)

A black hat with a daisy on top of a woman’s head in the sky – all images and elements from Pixabay and edited in Photoshop – NOT from the movie

The live-action Disney classic, “Mary Poppins” is beloved by many. Julie Andrews had an amazing voice. Dick Van Dyke had his sense of humor. The songs were, for the most part, good.

One time I viewed it after many years, though, it didn’t please me as much as before. Although it engaged me, much of the content was a bit unrealistic and illogical. For instance, Mary Poppins is first introduced doing her makeup on a cloud. So where does she eat, sleep, go to the (you know what)? Does she fly down to do everything?

Also, clouds are made of water vapor, so how does Mary Poppins stay on the cloud? Magic?

While the “Spoonful of Sugar” number teaches a good lesson about finding the fun in a job, the mirror Marry Poppins was just freaky, especially when she started singing on her own. But I’ve seen worse.

There are lots of positive moments, too. The bank scene where Michael screamed, demanding his money back, and the whole bank erupted into chaos drew me in. The “Step in Time” number was also amazing. The choreography and primitive special effects blew my mind.

I also supported Winifred’s campaign to allow votes for women. She did the a lot throughout the movie, even when Burt’s pals were doing the “Step in Time” number in the house. She also seemed softer than her husband, George.

Both this and the sequel, “Mary Poppins Returns” from 2018, pleased me. While the first time seeing this film as an adult, didn’t work well for me, viewing it at a friend’s house changed my opinion.

Now I’d rate this 4 out of 5 stars.

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