Hold on Your Diapees, Babies, We’re Going to Evaluate “Rugrats”

Hand holding a baby bottle with milk squirting out of it – the bottle came from Pixabay, and the rest I digitally painted

Anyone born in the 90’s probably watched, or at least heard of “Rugrats”, the show about talking-babies. Well—they also speak to each other, but never the adults, except Angelica and her peers, Susie and Edwin, and possibly a third kid. I can’t recall.

Anyway, there are many memorable moments. One is where Chuckie dreamt about what life would be like if he was never born and he had a guardian angel, which he called a garden angel. It was pretty sad since Tommy was stuck in the garage, his parents were slaves to Angelica, who was obese and would force Didi and Stew, the parents and aunt and uncle to her, to bring her cookies.

Speaking of which, there is a Passover episode, since one family is Jewish, and Angelica is told that she couldn’t have cookies during that time since bread isn’t allowed during that holiday range. Angelica pointed out that cookies didn’t have bread in them, but then learned and understood why she couldn’t eat them during Passover.

Regardless of her lesson, that’s pretty mature for a 3-year-old. Most real children that age would unlikely understand that and throw a tantrum to get what they want. In fact, Angelica is usually the kind who throws tantrums and can be very spoiled as well as get punished a lot.

In the episode where Angelica gets in trouble for playing in her dad’s study, she sneaks out, takes her little jeep around town, and then orders the babies to get her some cookies. Sadly, the box is too high for them to reach. So, instead, they give her dog biscuits, which she enjoys until she finds out what they are.

There was also an episode where the family goes somewhere where Reptar the dinosaur is, but the group goes to Goober, another character. What I found cruel, and would definitely result in penalties in real life, is that some staff grabbed Tommy’s Reptar toy from him, made him cry, and gave him a Goober doll instead. Not cool.

Another aspect that would usually be too mature in a children’s show is death. Chuckie had lost his mother before the events of the series began. In “Rugrats in Paris”, while on the plane, Chuckie looks out the window and envisions memories of his mother. Now here comes some spoilers***

Chuckie’s dad marries Kira, who becomes Chuckie’s stepmother, and Kimmy becomes his stepsister. From that point on, the intro theme updates and includes Kira and Kimmy. Then there’s the sequel show, “All Grown Up”, where the babies are older and in junior high. I’ve seen a little bit of it, but not enough to discuss my thoughts on the show.

Speaking of older, there was an episode about Tommy liking to be naked and Phil and Lil undressed themselves. Now that I’m older, I realize that that’s too inappropriate for kids.

Anyhow, I could go on and on about more memorable moments. But I’ve seen so many episodes, as well the specials and movies, that I feel it’s too much to list here.

While I watched “Rugrats” when I was younger, I have lost strong feelings about much of the premise and moments. However, the ones I discussed still stand out to me as well as some more.

What “Rugrats” moment did you enjoy or remember the most? Let me know in the comments. Thanks.

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6 thoughts on “Hold on Your Diapees, Babies, We’re Going to Evaluate “Rugrats”

  1. One of my favorite moments from the rugrats was when Tommy and Chuckie didn’t think they were best friends because of not having many things in common of course due to Angelica’s meddling. Paramount+

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  2. Another moment from The Rugrats which is my fave show of all time on Nickelodeon was when Tommy Pickles feels bound to wear clothing as he notices and decides to go “nakey.” Nakey is good. Nakey is free. Nakey is nakey!” As he famously said lol

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  3. Oh my gosh there were so many good episodes of the “Rugrats” I used to watch this show alllllll the time it was one of the many shows I actually enjoyed. Tommy & Chuckie were my favorite ha ha. Brings back memories thanks for this. Although I don’t quite sure I remember the episode but the title is funny. They sure were funny little rug rats haha.

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    1. Yup, they were very intriguing, especially with how they explored things and tried to make their own interpretations.


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